Sander Rayben


Sander Rayben, from the time that appearance mattered, was an ugly person. Not three-eyes-ugly, but there were some things going against him: He had no idea how to dress or put on armor correctly, he had really weird hair, he hit puberty realtively late, and skipped any type of education.

Granted he wasn’t handsome or even socially acceptable but luckily for Sander looks and intelligence isn’t everything. He had a whopping total of two friends growing up. One was his longbow – Swiftthistle which he named after a rare plant. What Sander could do with Swiftthistle was frankly amazing and he made reasonable money with it.

His other friend, Eisenora met Sander at a water fountain. She had always been there for him through his father’s fight with alcoholism, his mother’s death, and the move to the lowland area of Varisia. Even now they communicate on a monthly basis. It was not too long ago when Sander received a letter from Eisenora, asking for help.

Sander Rayben

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