Character Creation


The history of the characters is important and integral into the campaign design. The history will have an impact on your personal story, development and relationships with the NPC’s in the campaign (pro and con).


  • All characters are created with 25 points.
  • Character can be any normal race or may choose or create a race, with GM approval, from the Advanced Racial Guide.
    Player must, when creating their character, consider their “schtick” aka “Modus Operandi”. This is the technique, the way of doing things, you may be famous for. This is important because as you buy items, they must be purchased towards a particular “schtick”.
  • Characters will start with 10 character levels or 71,000xp on the “fast progression”.
  • Characters can have purchase “personal magic items tied to their schtick” up to a total of 30,000gp. Additional “equipment” may be purchased for 10,000gp. A character with an “automatic magical item” as part of their class does not get that on top of the above the 30,000 and may only have 10,000GP of it to spend on personal magic items.
  • Characters need to weave in that they are “childhood friends” with Eisenora. Being that there’s not a great many children running about, there can be a lot more flexibility in ages.
  • Player characters are “locals” but they needn’t have always been from the area, though they need to fit this in with the above criteria.
  • Players must “call an archetype”: this doesn’t mean necessarily a particular class, as different archetypes of a class are often very different but they need to be different enough not to overlap one another’s abilities.

Character Creation

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