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This campaign is played in Marietta Ga on tabletop Pathfinder (non-PFS). This is a custom game set in and around Janderhoff on the far eastern side of the countries “green-belt”.

A large town, Janderhoff is built into a mountain overlooking a green plain with attendant hills in the immediate area. Founded as a dwarven mining colony, it is one of the last Sky-Citadels though it has an as-yet small population. Mining is the primary industry, with craftsmen being th second, particularly in the crating of metal and stone though other trades obviously are necessary and the population supports it. In the process, the town’s population swelled to more than ten-thousand and is now counted as a major player, if remote, in the country. Janderhoff has one of the best and most-powerful Forge-Altars in all of Golarion and as such only the greatest masters of metalcraft are allowed near it. Yet, despite the swollen population, the original space of the citadel is barely occupied despite attracting more population yearly.

One of its largest problems is that Janderhoff hasn’t had an actual “ruler”, and the government is ruled by a Council overseen by a High Minister. The Minister is a hereditary position and passes through then Janderhoff line. The most-recent High Minister was a member of a cadet branch of the Jandhoffs, of which there were very few remaining;p two in fact. Now, his daughter, is the only member of the bloodline alive and with his sudden demise, she finds herself facing the prospects of being High Minister at a very young age indeed. And the local “nobility” is made up mostly of merchants and craftsmen whose families have been there for generations.

But in Janderhoff, “nobility” is more about character of being than fine dining, rich garments and who you’re related to.

Enter now Eisenora Igmargun, great-great-granddaughter of Edred Janderhoff, the original Dwarven founder of Janderhoff. Her mother, Lady Dierdre Anoren, has introduced non-Dwarven blood into her daughter and the bloodline but in a way, strengthened it. Like her mother. Eisenora is graceful, far more than the typical dwarf and considered by all to be quite lovely. And despite this, and her training and her abilities to speak both to dwarf and non-dwarf alike in the way that is most-pleasing to them, there are few in the Council that support her Right.

Your characters are locals who have grown up in the region, who know Eisenora and who have been her childhood friends. Like her, you were born to prominent families though “prominent” can mean “infamous”, despite that you’ve known and been one of her friends. Unlike her, you haven’t been restricted to staying in town and learning the “trade” and have been out pursuing heroism and battling the local “menaces” (yeti, giants, ogres, orcs, dragons and the scattering of goblin tribes). All of you are fairly (in)famous because of your exploits and have been asked to Janderhaus for a meeting with Eisenora right after her father’s burial service in the family’s crypt to discuss “the future”.

This campaign is as the name implies, the unification of Varisia under one banner, if the party so chooses to do so. The campaign is not set in stone and can go in a variety of direction based on the choices of the players. All players must claim an archetype for creation so that there are distinctive roles/types.

Go here for character creation documentation:

Finding Varisia: Unification

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